What’s Your Holiday Music Playlist?

The holidays are the perfect time to reunite with friends, family, and colleagues to celebrate the year. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering with your nearest and dearest or a party with your work friends, no occasion is complete without the right playlist.

Your choice of music sets the tone for your event and it all depends on the environment you want to create. Should your guests feel relaxed or ready to party? At The Future Home of Hard Rock, we know a thing or two about music, which is why we’ve designed this quiz to help you decide your music genre. From classic holiday songs to pop holiday music, we’ve even included the playlist you need to help make your celebration one for the memory books.

Take the quiz now to find your holiday music playlist!

Who's on your holiday guest list Where will your holiday party happen What kind of dishes will you have What holiday activities do you have planned What's the age of your holiday guests Genres of holiday playlists Jazz playlist Rock holiday playlist Pop holiday playlist Rap holiday playlist Country holiday playlist Traditional holiday playlist






Rap & Hip Hop