The Culture Club: The Heart of the Hard Rock Values

Music may be our differentiator, but at Hard Rock Cincinnati, philanthropy is our soul.

As part of the Hard Rock brand, we’ve developed our property around the core Hard Rock values: Love All-Serve All, Take Time To Be Kind, Save The Planet, and All Is One. These mottos allow more than 40,000 Hard Rock employees across 248 locations worldwide to improve lives, support communities, and sustain the Earth. And all while having fun and promoting the power of music in everything we do!

Read on to learn more about the global Hard Rock values and see how The Culture Club at Hard Rock Cincinnati brings these four pillars to life.

The Culture Club: Upholding the Hard Rock Values

The Culture Club at Hard Rock Cincinnati is comprised of dedicated staff members who are inspired to share the Hard Rock values. Our mission is to give back to others by connecting as a team and with our communities. To do this, we identify, plan, and organize regular volunteering activities to support local engagement and global Hard Rock initiatives.

Activities of The Culture Club align with Hard Rock values and are representative of each pillar.

Love All-Serve All

The first pillar aims to improve health, wellness, and social conditions. The Culture Club leads initiatives to support the homeless community in the local area and the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research and awareness. 

The Culture Club is also a prominent ambassador participating in global Hard Rock events promoting the Love All-Serve All motto. These worldwide initiatives helped raise

Take Time To Be Kind

Our staff members are known for their compassion and care toward customers and communities. It’s these values that help make every day better, both at our property and in the great city of Cincinnati. As part of our commitment to this Hard Rock value, everyone at Hard Rock Cincinnati and The Culture Club receives formal training in collective empathy and social responsibility.

All Is One

As one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity in 2020, Hard Rock lives and breathes this motto daily. We support our fellow people, no matter their age, gender, ethnicity, ability, or orientation. The Culture Club embodies this Hard Rock value in both its compassionate efforts and its group makeup. 

Save The Planet

Hard Rock’s Save The Planet pillar covers everything from operational improvements to partnerships with environmental organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Global green initiatives include the transition from plastic to paper to-go bags and the elimination of plastic straws.

Here in Cincinnati, The Culture Club regularly helps clean up our local parks and areas of interest.  

The Culture Club and COVID-19

The Hard Rock values took on additional significance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout our three-month closure, Hard Rock Cincinnati partnered with various local organizations, such as the Free Store Food Bank, to support those most in need during the pandemic. 

Now that our property has reopened, The Culture Club continues to make a difference in the downtown area through charitable work and donations. On the first Sunday of the month, we prepare, cook, and serve meals for the homeless at Prince of Peace Church in Over-the-Rhine. It’s the Hard Rock way of having fun and doing good in the neighborhood. 

Experience the Hard Rock Values for Yourself

Visit Hard Rock Cincinnati to see the Hard Rock values in action! You can also learn more about the Hard Rock brand in this blog post.

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