Play Responsibly and More Effectively with PlayersEdge!

Casinos have been bringing gamers together for over 100 years in the US, but there has never been a program designed to encourage positive play habits within the casino industry. Until now.

PlayersEdge is a pioneering program for the US that has been developed by Hard Rock International (HRI). With everything from casino rules and regulations to responsible gaming tools, the comprehensive program aims to help players of all experience levels get the most out of their gaming, safely and responsibly.

The PlayersEdge program will be implemented at all Hard Rock casinos around the world. At Hard Rock Cincinnati, we will partner with the Problem Gaming Network of Ohio to give our Hard Rockers access to extra valuable resources. Read on to learn why PlayersEdge is already an award-winning program that is set to change the gaming scene at the Hard Rock casinos and beyond.

What Does PlayersEdge Offer?

No matter your experience, favorite game, or bet amount, PlayersEdge is for you. The program’s unique, multi-faceted approach meets the needs of all gamers who want to elevate their Hard Rock casino experience. You can find everything you need to enjoy more positive play, from game facts to casino rules and regulations. All the information we provide is research-backed and written by gaming experts.

With a stronger grasp of casino best practices, you’ll find it easier to make informed decisions as you play. It’s a great way to build your self confidence and your gaming literacy at the same time. These responsible gaming tools can also help you understand your own behavior to prevent harmful gambling strategies before they become serious issues, ensuring you have more fun in the long run. 

If your gambling has gone too far, PlayersEdge can also help you get back on your feet. The program offers voluntary self-exclusion and referrals to professional help and counseling services.

The PlayersEdge responsible gaming tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Easy-to-follow game guides
  • Answers to your burning gaming questions
  • FAQs on casino rules and regulations
  • Tips for how much to bet
  • Expert advice on how to get an edge in your game
  • Tips for how to address harmful gaming habits
  • A self-evaluation to determine whether you have a gambling problem 

What Makes the Program Different?

The program goes far beyond playing responsibly and tackles all gambling concerns and queries about casino rules and regulations. The PlayersEdge positive messaging is delivered through a fresh mix of print and digital media, as well as live activations, for a regular stream of fun and educational information. 

As a brand that lives and breathes the Hard Rock casino experience and cares about the community, our approach is supportive and non-judgmental. We know our customers, which means we understand the different risk profiles and experience profiles of our players. We don’t only speak the lingo to long-time gamers. As a seasoned regular or casual player, you’re sure to find the right resources and helpful information for your gaming needs and interests.

Unlike other gambling guides which focus on what not to do, PlayersEdge is all about inspiring questions and honest conversations. We want to have more open dialogue about the gaming experiences at Hard Rock casinos, which means we want to hear from our Hard Rockers! It’s the best way for us to learn how we can help you have a rockin’ good time with us for many years to come.

Have a Fun and Healthy Gaming Experience at Hard Rock Casino

Healthy and informed gamers are happier gamers, so we’re on a mission to create the best casino culture out there! To learn more about what our property stands for, read our blog post about the Hard Rock brand.

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