5 Awesome Easter Ideas for Adults

Easter is just around the corner and that means it’s time for good food, close friends, and some small festivities! While typical Easter activities like egg hunts are usually left up to the kiddos, there are plenty of creative ways for adults to have just as much fun. Make special memories and create new traditions for the holiday with these awesome Easter ideas for adults.

1. Try Easter Egg Hunts with a Twist

Charades Egg Hunt

Brush up on your acting skills with this Easter challenge for adults! Simply place a variety of charades prompts inside different Easter eggs, hide them as usual in your backyard, and let the egg hunt begin. Each time someone finds an egg, they have to act out their prompt and the answer must be guessed before the game can start again. 

Whether you make the egg hunt a little more competitive by offering a prize at the end or keep it more casual, this Easter idea for adults is sure to be a hit amongst your friends. 

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Are you celebrating Easter this year with just one or two people? This Easter challenge for adults is a great way for you to liven up your day without needing a big group of friends and family. 

Normally, organizing a treasure hunt takes lots of time and creativity, but this one is already made for you! Simply follow the instructions, find your egg hunter, and watch as they attempt to solve cryptograms and riddles that lead to some Easter treasure.  

21 & Over Egg Hunt

Need a little spice when it comes to Easter ideas for adults? This is the egg hunt for you! One hilarious catch to this activity is that all participants must wear a fun Easter costume to join.

Once you have your group together, split them up into two teams, give them their clues to the hidden eggs, and hand out three confetti-filled eggs to each team. These will be used to “freeze” a player during the hunt to give the opposing team a head start.

You may be wondering why this egg hunt is labeled “21 & over.” Well, that’s because you’ll be filling your eggs with adult contents like mini bottles of booze and Jell-O shots, of course! Whenever a team comes across a Jello-O shot-filled egg, they have to take the shot right then and there.

Whichever team finds all of their eggs first, wins. Don’t forget to put together a grand prize to sweeten the day even more!

2. Plan an Easter Brunch

You don’t need a bunch of games and egg hunts to have a memorable Easter with friends and family. A relaxing Easter brunch is another alternative perfect for adults. 

Decorate your home with all of the pretty Easter decor you can think of. If you plan on having your brunch outside, think about including flower boxes, garlands, and yard signs. Welcome wreaths, ceramic bunnies, and vases of spring flowers are a few ideas for inside your home too.

After you’re done decorating, it’s time to plan out the food and drinks. Because this is an Easter idea for adults, you’ll want to include at least some alcohol. A mimosa bar with different juices and champagne options is guaranteed to be a hit. Keep the food menu simple with staple brunch options like waffles, pancakes, and eggs. You can even make a DIY waffle station where your guests can build their own waffle creations!

3. Host a Virtual Zoom Call

Hop on a video call to spend quality time with family and friends that live all across the country. Think about playing games that work just as well virtually as they do in person. Scattergories, trivia, and Heads Up are just a few virtual games that will bring lots of fun to your virtual Easter call. 

4. Have a Picnic at the Park

Pack up your Easter basket full of snacks and drinks and head to the park for a picnic! This Easter idea for adults is easy, affordable, and a great way to enjoy the refreshing spring weather. 

Spend the day relaxing and chatting with your picnic pals or get up and move with some outdoor games like Frisbee and bocce ball. 

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