Keep Your Body Rockin': 10 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy in Cincinnati

New Year may feel a little different this time around, but there’s a good chance your resolutions still revolve around living your best life. Many of us try to improve our health and fitness levels at this time of year so we have more energy and a greater sense of well-being in everything we do.

At Hard Rock Cincinnati, The Culture Club organizes activities that help team members strive to stay healthy rather than stay in shape. Love All-Serve All is the first pillar of the committee, which aims to improve health and wellness. We want to share some of the tips that have allowed our staff to feel better in their minds and bodies, so they can rock with energy each and every day. 

Whether you’re a local or just in town for a long weekend, these ten tips will help you stay fit and healthy while providing plenty of fun in Cincinnati.

1. Set Small Goals

The first and most important tip to keep in mind as you work on your health and fitness is to take things slowly. Chris Blom, a member of The Culture Club, was able to lose over 125lbs in 18 months by setting himself up for success:

“I started by finding what I could do and then building on it. To achieve this, I set small goals, which was more comfortable than focusing on one big end goal that can be so far away.”

Trying to commit to an extreme new exercise program can lead to burnout, which will prevent you from making long-lasting changes and add to your stress levels. Instead, think about habits you can easily incorporate into your daily life as well as small and attainable changes you’d like to see in yourself. 

2. Discover the City by Foot

Located in Downtown Cincinnati, Hard Rock Cincinnati is the perfect base for discovering the Queen City. There’s always something new happening — and you can get a better feel of the city on foot.

Check out our cool neighborhood of Pendleton, which has a ton of outdoor recreation activities. If you’re visiting our property, you’re only a few steps away from the historic Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, where you can walk around boutiques owned by local vendors.

A 20-minute stroll will bring you to the iconic Fountain Square. Take snaps of the fountain that appeared in the opening credits of the 1970s sitcom, WKRP in Cincinnati. Just by enjoying the city, you’ll get plenty of extra steps in!

3. Cook with Fresh, Local Ingredients

If you’re preparing your own meals, you have the opportunity to select the healthiest ingredients. While you can pick up fruit and vegetables at the grocery store, why not try Cincinnati’s local produce? 

Visit Findlay Market, which has linked uptown and downtown in the same historic building since 1855. You can try Northside Farmers Market for an even more intimate market experience. Hyde Park Farmers’ Market will also return in May 2021 for even more options! 

4. Choose Healthy Food Outlets

When you’re busy enjoying everything that Cincinnati has to offer, you can’t cook for yourself at home. To stay fit and healthy in our great city, make a bee-line to a restaurant that serves fresh and healthful food. Hard Rock Cincinnati has many dining options with healthy dishes!

5. Enjoy a Walk to Washington Park

Whether your goal is to walk your dog more often or spend time with your loved ones outdoors, Washington Park is the ideal spot. Located just a short walk from our property, the park features a dog park and plenty of space to relax and enjoy the free outdoor performances. This idea will help both your body and mind! 

6. Take the Stairs

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at our property, or walking around our historic city: try to take the stairs whenever you can. This might sound like a small addition to your daily health and fitness routine, but it can make a big difference. When you climb stairs, you burn more calories per minute that you would on a slow jog. You can also strengthen your muscles and reduce your risk of stroke. It’s a great way to break up the day with a little extra fitness.

7. Switch Soda for Water

Another tip that can have a huge impact on your health is drinking more water. By swapping your usual soda drinks for a glass of water, you can cut back on your sugar intake and stay hydrated. This can help you lose weight and improve your energy levels, so you’re even more likely to stay on course with your fitness goals. For extra flavor and nutrition, you can also swap your soda for a juice or green smoothie.

8. Cross the Footbridges of Cincinnati

The footbridges in Cincinnati offer great sunset views and a chance to get your steps in after work. Cross the Purple People Bridge that connects Downtown with Northern Kentucky, or cross the iconic John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge that connects the Cincinnati riverfront with downtown Covington. If the stone towers and suspension cables look familiar, it’s because creator John A. Roebling went on to design another historic landmark in its image: the Brooklyn Bridge.

You can also take the footbridge across from our property. This bridge will bring you to the historic neighborhood of Mt. Adams where you can extend your evening stroll as you check out all the unique stores. If you want to increase the intensity, make the footbridges part of your daily run! 

9. Try a New Routine at Home

While many of the best gyms in Cincinnati are closed, you can always find great workouts online to try in your home! From yoga and pilates to calisthenics and cardio, now’s the perfect time to try out a new style of exercise. Just be sure to ease into a new exercise and speak to a doctor if you’re unsure about your physical abilities.

Don’t have any workout equipment in your house or hotel room? Not a problem! Many video workouts have been designed to accommodate people who are trying to get fit and healthy from home. Simply look for equipment-free classes and find out what you like best.

10. See Your Health as a Lifestyle Choice

Getting fit and healthy shouldn’t feel like another chore on your to-do list. By making small and enjoyable changes to your daily routine, you can start to make healthy living your new way of life. As Chris Blom says:

“This idea of cleaning up my diet to lose a little weight became a complete lifestyle change. I have better stamina, my knees don’t hurt going up steps, and I can go out and enjoy more activities. I’m always mindful of what I’m putting in my body, and I’m still finding new goals to achieve.”

Take a leaf out of Chris’ book and see if these ten tips to staying fit and healthy can help you with your goals! Learn more about The Culture Club initiatives in this blog post.

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