How to Get the Ultimate Cincinnati Reds Experience

Visiting Cincinnati for the weekend and want to get the full Reds experience? Or perhaps you want to play tourist in your own city? Read below on how to obtain the ultimate Cincinnati Reds experience beyond just the Great American Ball Park. 

A Brief History of the Reds

Officially founded in 1882, the Cincinnati Reds—originally the Red Stockings—have won five world series titles. The Red Stockings were the first truly professional baseball team and began playing in 1869. They went undefeated the first 81 games of their lifetime. 

After joining the National League (NL) as one of the founding members, the Red Stockings were kicked out for playing games on Sundays and selling beer during games—both of which, though customary today, were not allowed at the time. 

A few members from the original NL team joined the newly-formed American Association (AA) in 1882, which is considered by Major League Baseball to be the Red’s first year. Even so, most Cincinnatians think of the Reds as the oldest franchise in baseball. The Red Stockings moved back to the NL in 1890, shortened its name to the Reds, and the rest was history. 

Visiting the Reds Hall of Fame

If you want to learn more about the history of the Reds or even want to learn about the greats of Reds baseball history, check out the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum! Located on the western edge of the grounds at Great American Ball Park, the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum are a great way to get a taste of the rich history of the Reds. 

While there, check out the collectible gift series with the featured 2021 Hall of Fame Bobbleheads. These bobbleheads honor Reds Hall of Famers from some of the team’s most influential players, both on and off the field. There is a new bobblehead for each month from May to September, and these collectibles are free with a full-priced Hall of Fame admission. 

Cincinnati Reds Stadium Tour 

After learning about the deep history of the Reds, check out the stadium where it all happened! The Great American Ball Park is located adjacent to the Reds Hall of Fame and the Museum and has gorgeous views of the Ohio River. 

There are many references to history throughout the Cincinnati Reds stadium, such as a monument depicting the park’s famous left field terrace, as well as statues of outfielder Frank Robinson and catcher Ernie Lombardi. There are also the Power Stacks; located in right center field, the two smokestacks are nostalgic nods to the steamboats that were often in the Ohio River in the 19th and 20th centuries. During a game, fireworks come out of the stacks after every Reds home run and win. 

With copious amounts of history, the Cincinnati Reds stadium tour is bound to be a crowd pleaser! 

On Gameday

The time has finally come… Game time! Suit up in your vibrant Reds gear and head towards Great American Ball Park. With the organ playing “charge” and the smell of summer in the air, your Cincinnati Reds experience is bound to be iconic. 

Stop by one of the countless concession stands and get an obligatory stadium hot dog. And if you’re really hungry, purchase a pass to one of the All You Can Eat stands. If you want more of a restaurant-feel, check out the Handlebar, a restaurant located in the stadium, equipped with amazing views and great food. 

Wherever you are— find a seat, sit back, and enjoy the game. It’s going to be a great one!

After the Game 

The fun doesn’t have to end when the game does. If you’re looking to round out your Cincinnati Reds experience, check out Hard Rock Cincinnati. Swing by for dinner, drinks, and gaming. From world-class entertainment to Ohio’s best slot machines, Hard Rock Cincinnati has something for everyone! 

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