5 Ways to Celebrate Global Beatles Day

Global Beatles Day falls on June 25 and it’s the perfect opportunity for fans and music buffs to celebrate the iconic band. 

The Beatles are a welcome cause for celebration at Hard Rock Cincinnati, where rockin’ music and world-class artistry are the backbone of our brand. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can enjoy this music holiday. We’ve even included a Beatles playlist on Spotify with all The Beatles greatest hits! So turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream...

What Is Global Beatles Day?

Founded in 2009 by Faith Cohen, Global Beatles Day is a “universal love letter” to the British band. Music lovers celebrate the huge impact The Beatles’ greatest hits had on international pop culture. Fans also take the day to acknowledge how the band touched the world with messages of peace and positivity.

There’s a reason we celebrate the Fab Four on June 25 each year. On this day in 1967, The Beatles unveiled their song “All You Need Is Love” on the world’s first live satellite television broadcast. The legendary performance was viewed by over 350 million people across the planet. This just goes to show the band’s wide reach and pioneering role in music, which hasn’t faded over the last 50 years!

How Can You Celebrate Global Beatles Day?

Don’t know of any Beatles events happening in your area? Don’t worry, there are plenty of fun activities you can do at home. (We’ll also be excited about Global Beatles Day at Hard Rock Cincinnati if you want to celebrate with us!)

Share Your Memories on Social Media

Remember the first time you heard The Beatles? Maybe you have a favorite song or a cool piece of memorabilia you want to share. Social media is a great place to find your fellow fans across the world in a way that wasn't possible back when The Beatles got together. Take advantage of technology! Share your favorite photos, memories, songs, and lyrics. It’s a great way to start conversations and encourage other fans to get involved in Global Beatles Day.

Enjoy a Beatles Movie Night

Did you know The Beatles made movies? “Come together” with a few of your friends and family and check out “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Help!”, and “A Yellow Submarine.” You can also watch documentaries and movies made about the Fab Four. There are plenty to choose from across streaming platforms!

Have a Beatles Sing-Along

If you can play an instrument, there’s nothing better than a jam session with your friends on Global Beatles Day. You can practice playing all The Beatles greatest hits as well as your favorite tracks. A sing-along is another fun option. Whether you take it in turns to sing karaoke-style or all join forces to belt out the lyrics, you’ll have a ton of fun on June 25!

Treat Yourself to Some Merch

You don’t need to spend any money on Global Beatles Day, but if you’ve been itching for a special record or collectible, this is the ideal time to go for it! By purchasing official memorabilia and music, you’ll also be giving back to the band that has given so much to the world of music.

Listen to This Beatles Playlist on Spotify

If there’s just one way to spend Global Beatles Day, it’s by listening to the band’s music. Whether you’re keeping it simple or planning a themed get-together, all you need is love… and access to The Beatles’ greatest hits. 

Don’t have the original vinyls? We’ve created this Beatles playlist on Spotify so you can rock’n’roll the easy way.


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